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Our mission is to change healthcare through science & innovative quality care by providing value added services. Our unwavering commitment to quality compliance and scientific innovation elevates us to a new standard in patient care. An integral part of Medisure Labs is our direct to consumer products offering at-home testing systems granting individuals the ability to self-administer various end-to-end solutions. As people continue to look for convenient testing as a means of monitoring and improving their health, we will strive to meet those needs and innovate new products.


Our patients rely on us for the best and most reliable service, that’s why we actively seek the brightest minds for our team.

Interested in working in healthcare? We believe in sharing knowledge and experience and we’re looking for individuals that are determined and driven to pursue evidence-based clinical research.

Empower Clinics & Medisure Labs

Empower Clinics is the parent company of Medisure Labs, sharing the vision of a world where all people have access to an integrated healthcare experience, combining body and mind wellness, treating patients with both alternative and conventional medicine. Medisure Labs contributes to this goal by performing high quality service out of their high complexity COLA & CLIA-accredited laboratory.