4 Reasons Why You Might Need a Medical Lab Test

Do you avoid the doctor because you are afraid to be picked at, prodded, or touched?  Medical procedures may scare some patients, but they are only performed for your best interest.  In fact, blood, skin, and other cell samples are only taken to provide extra assurance that you are not suffering from a disorder or illness.  Lab facilities work with your doctors to perform these tests at a location that has all the right equipment and training to provide you with the information you need to get the treatment you deserve.  As a dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX, we work with many dermatologists to provide diagnostic services to their patients.  Many patients have lab testing done for a variety of reasons.  There are four reasons why you might be in need of a medical lab test next time you visit your doctor.


One of the most common reasons that people require further lab testing is to diagnose or rule out illnesses, diseases, and disorders.  These tests are often done when a physician has reason to believe that the patient may have indications or symptoms of a particular disease.  In this case, samples are sent to a lab facility to be tested.  The results will indicate whether or not the individual is confirmed with the diagnosis or whether it is ruled out.  This helps physicians make choices on the right course of treatment as well.


Sometimes, a patient may be at risk for a potential disease.  This may require them to have further testing to screen for this disease.  What this means is that the individual will typically have their blood drawn and tested to see if they have a higher risk of contracting that particular illness.  This can help the patient understand their risks of contracting a disease, even if they do not show any symptoms.  


Whenever someone is receiving treatment for a disease, they may have intermittent tests to monitor and track the progression of the disease.  This will tell doctors whether the course of treatment is working, or whether they will need to increase their intervention in order to treat more aggressively.


Sometimes patients are tested in order to track their overall health.  This will allow physicians to understand more about the patient in order to provide more results from a routine checkup.  This type of testing is preventative, as it will typically tell you your risk of contracting certain illnesses.  These results may help you make any lifestyle changes you may need in order to prevent any diseases.

These are four of the most common reasons why your doctor will recommend samples sent to a lab facility for further testing.  As your dermatology pathology lab service in Dallas, TX works on completing your lab, you can wait patiently for the quality results so that your doctor can recommend the next steps.  Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about our diagnostic lab services today.